5 design tips for your corporate Christmas cards

Corporate Christmas cards are a key element of many Christmas marketing campaigns. But how do you make yours stand out from the crowd?

When mailboxes are full and cards are jostling for space, getting your brand noticed with thoughtful design and copy is critical. If you’re stuck for ideas, there’s still time to get planning. Start with the values you want to convey and build your design concept from there.

Here are some approaches to help you get creative with your corporate Christmas cards this year:


The party season

Tap into the playful side of Christmas and get people feeling ready to party. Pop-up designs are great for this, with an instant stand-out factor.

Humour that chimes with your audience is always memorable, so think about how you can make your card recipient smile. Is there a clever play on words or festive twist on your visual brand that you can incorporate? Does it suit your brand to strike a dry note with a side-swipe at the sentimentality of it all?

Think about what ‘funny’ means to your brand and your customer and use that as inspiration for a design that will stick in people’s minds.

The Christmas spirit

Christmas is a time for thinking of others, sharing and bringing people together. If your products and services naturally do this, then highlighting these big social benefits in your corporate Christmas card can be a winner. For example:
· Your restaurant is the place to reunite friends, or host a family gathering
· Your supermarket or grocery store can showcase the value of sharing food with those less fortunate
· Your florist can share the power of saying thank you and strengthening friendships.

A seasonal thank you

Your corporate Christmas card is a fantastic opportunity to thank clients, partners and customers from the previous year. Make sure you personalise your message, and include an incentive or reward for their loyalty – whether that’s a freebie, discount or an invitation to a party. Just don’t make it too pushy or ‘salesy’ – this is a Christmas card after all.

A digital tie-in

Nothing has the same impact as a printed Christmas card you can hold and read, but that’s not to say you need to exclude digital from your corporate messaging this season.

Think about what action you’d like your reader to take and use a QR code to direct them to a festive site or augmented reality (AR) platform. This works best as a nurture campaign – build goodwill by tying in with festive games, fundraising for your chosen cause, or continuing the story of your card online.

The greeting

Finally, you want your words to strike the right tone with your audience. Going personal is always worthwhile (banish ‘dear valued customer!’), but what do you want your core message to be? You could keep it classic with ‘Merry Christmas’, ‘Season’s Greetings’, or ‘Happy Holidays’ with a North American flavour. Or go for something focussed on New Year, such as, ‘Wishing you a bright and peaceful 2018’.

Or you could tie-into your business offering, with a message along the lines of (for example!):
‘Wishing you a season filled with happiness, goodwill and perfect printing!’

Whatever you decide, the rules for corporate Christmas cards are to keep it warm, personal and don’t overtly sell anything – let your quality Christmas card sell itself for you!

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