Build Excitement With Christmas Scratch Calendars This Year


The Christmas season is all about having fun, kicking back and catching some of that childhood excitement. Which makes scratch card calendars a perfect match for generating action around your brand at Christmas time.

Everyone loves a scratch card. At heart, we are curious, playful creatures, we like to have a go and find out what’s under that panel.

If you’re wondering how to make scratch advent calendars work for your campaign, here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Instant Wins

The simplest way to run your campaign is to have a different prize or offer under each panel date. You can plan this carefully to suit your campaign outcomes. For example:

Do you want to nudge people towards higher-value goods and services?
Include some irresistible incentives and discounts under the panel.

Do you want people to try new products?
Offer freebies and discounts from across your range.

Do you want to build your audience?
Include bring a friend offers.

Do you want to build big excitement and momentum?
Have a killer top-end prize – one of your most exclusive offers.

Do you want to include new year custom?
Include January only discounts.

Do you want to boost your brand visibility?
Offer wall planners, desk calendars as a freebie or other promotional products, for all round exposure.

Weekly Campaigns

Weekly scratch campaigns are a great way to show off different offers, building your audience and cross-selling products. Having a different offer each week throughout December means you’ll get regular engagement throughout the season too. So how might this work? Let’s say you’re a café:

Week One: offer a free takeaway luxury hot chocolate to customers who come in with the word they’ve revealed from the first week of scratch panels

Week Two: offer buy one get one free on coffee and cake

Week Three: offer 20% off all main meals purchased before 6pm

Week Four:    offer a free bottle of wine when buying a two course meal in January

You get the idea. It’s a win for customers, and it’s a win for you, as customers will try different products and come back with repeat business.

Tie-in To Digital

Linking the excitement and interactivity of print to the data capture of digital is a smart way to build your audience and boost future sales.

Put QR codes under your panel, taking your customers to a landing page where they can claim their freebie once they’ve added their email address.

Or set a festive challenge each day under the panel and get people sharing their pictures on instagram and facebook: anything from posing in Christmas jumpers, to standing outside your gym/shop/office, to pulling a funny face while holding your scratch advent calendar. This is a great way to build social excitement and increase your following online. The more people see their friends getting in on the action, the more they’ll want to as well.

We hope that’s given you some ideas for a fun campaign, using Christmas scratch cards to tap into the seasonal spirit! We can help with both the campaign and print design, so just get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

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