Make your Christmas promotion more effective with limited offers

The Christmas season can be energetic and profitable but it can also be long and tiring! Consumers are savvy – they know they’re being targeted and they will be hearing the same messages everywhere.

So how do you break through the noise? The key to a successful Christmas promotion is in the planning. You want to reach the right people, with the right message at the right time.


Solve their problem based on when they shop


We all know that Christmas is on 25 December, but we don’t all start planning for it at the same time!

Segment your target audience by their organisation skills. The eager beavers who start shopping around in September and October will be looking for original, and perhaps personalised, gift solutions. Focus your Christmas promotion on unusual offers with early bird incentives to attract them.

Your mid-late December buyers are the ones who want fantastic gifts but they want them quickly and easily. They’ll want something reliable and high quality and they’ll want it without fuss. Offer both free and fast delivery options to meet their needs.


Christmas Promotion

Reward loyal customers (and lure back lapsed ones!)

Christmas is an opportunity to say thank you to repeat or high-value customers. It also means you’ll be in their thoughts as they plan their Christmas or New Year shopping. Think about a free gift or a discount offer as you plan your Christmas promotion. Sending a thank you offer with a Christmas message will build goodwill and strengthen the visual impact of your brand.

If you have lapsed customers, Christmas is a great time to incentivise them to return with targeted promotions. Remind them of your brand and make seasonal offers that attract them back. Tailor your offer to meet their buying history – provide a time-limited discount on a familiar line or tempt them with a seasonal reduction.

Be helpful

Christmas can be a time consumers in both the B2C and B2B markets can feel harassed and overwhelmed. Anticipate their problems and solve them by being helpful. Your Christmas promotion will be most effective if it can offer at least one of these solutions:
· Saving them money with free delivery or multiple purchase offers
· Saving them time with easy purchase and speedy delivery options
· Offering a range of products and services to match the needs of their gift recipients
· Making their gift choices extra-special by offering personalisation options
· Offering vouchers for a simple gift solution.

Stand out

With so many people advertising over the Christmas period it’s getting harder to get your promotional messages across. Top-quality design and copy will help you cut through the noise.

Choose festive marketing that reflects your brand values – perhaps sending a branded foil Christmas card to reflect quality, or a fun pop-up to show the playful side of your brand.

Consumers notice the effort brands go to in their printed marketing, and feel valued when you’ve gone the extra mile. It’s never to early to start planning your Christmas promotion – if you’d like help with generating design and print ideas, just get in touch!

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