How can high profile Christmas print advertising campaigns help design your festive campaign?

Christmas print advertising has a vital role to play in festive marketing, whether it’s via billboards, leaflets, stickers or magazine adverts.

Brands are looking to capture the magic and fun of the season, while reminding consumers what it is they do and why they’re so good at it. A tough brief, but often, simple is best at getting the message across.

It’s not about huge budgets and TV campaigns. It’s about tuning-in to your audience, the festive season, and where you can bring your brand to life with some Christmas sparkle (or some bah humbug snark, if that’s more in keeping with your brand voice!).

Here are some examples from around the world:



This smart advert needs no words to let you know that Mercedes-Benz think that if the wise men had used their cars, the journey would’ve been easier and faster.

Christmas print advertising Mercedes-Benz


Hovis showcase their product with simplicity and humour – putting their bread front, centre and off-centre to share a festive greeting.

Christmas print advertising Hovis


In this funny and savvy example of Christmas advertising early on in the season, IKEA promote their October sale with a baby Christmas tree and one of their own festive products.

Christmas print advertising Ikea


Here’s where a collaborative campaign can work brilliantly to highlight the best of both brands. Transport provider Uber team up with Budweiser beer to offer a free Uber ride with a special code and spread the message not to drink and drive over the Christmas season.

Christmas print advertising Budweiser


Another example of an advert conveying a big message as well as promoting a brand (a not-for profit in this case) – Greenpeace uses the traditional snow globe to highlight the dangers of global warming.

Christmas print advertising Greenpeace

Fed Ex

Fed Ex use the Christmas tree icon to advertise their brand values of versatility and reliability with a striking image and clear message.

Christmas print advertising Fed Ex

Publicis Singapore

We finish with a nod to the designers, advertisers and print agencies of the world! With a visually appealing advert in seasonal colours, this advertising agency use the words ‘every good idea begins with a pencil’ (inscribed on the pencil in the picture if you didn’t spot them!) to remind clients of their expertise.

Christmas print advertising Fed Ex

Christmas print advertising can be so versatile, whether it’s fun with words, a clever nod to winter or the Christmas story, using your products to represent an iconic Christmas symbol, partnering with a complementary brand or simply a Santa hat on your logo. How can we help with your design ideas and print needs this Christmas?

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