Don’t avoid the festive season start developing your Christmas marketing ideas

It’s never too early to start planning your Christmas marketing campaign. Total sales in the UK over the 2016 Christmas retail period was £77.6bn. Many retailers make over half of their sales and profits in the three months before Christmas, so getting ahead with your Christmas marketing ideas is well worth your time and effort. Here are our tips for a cracking campaign:

Seasonalise your branding

Giving your brand a festive feel will show customers you’re in sync with the season and are getting into the spirit. Big brands do this to create a buzz – take Starbucks and their festive coffee cups, for example.

There’s every reason for smaller businesses to jump on board too – whether it’s adding a Santa hat to your logo or doing something more elaborate with your printed Christmas products, adding a dash of seasonality will attract attention.

Be helpful

Rather than just have Christmas marketing that tells people what you have to offer, produce something useful for the Christmas season. The perfect printed product will depend on your offer and audience, but here are a few Christmas marketing ideas to inspire you:

  • A checklist
  • A fold out Christmas decoration
  • A Christmas planner
  • Personalised wrapping paper
  • Recipe cards

Do some Christmas giving

Christmas is all about giving. Make the most of the goodwill by creating more of it. Partner with a charity, or local community project: run Christmas fundraising activities with employees and customers, donate a proportion of profits to their cause or create a bespoke product line that raises funds for them over Christmas.

This isn’t a time for pushy marketing, but you can gently up your brand awareness through your printed Christmas products and fundraising action.

Bring friends and family together

Tap into the togetherness aspect of Christmas – create printed Christmas offers that bring loved ones together. Offer a 2-for-1 promotion, postcards printed with deals and happy messages to share with family or discounts when a customer introduces a friend. The key to success is targeting the product and the offer to your audience.

Reward loyal customers

Christmas is a time for reaching out, and people like to be recognised and thanked. Rewarding loyalty is a great tactic for your Christmas marketing campaign. Contact your best customers with a note and a gift, either in the form of a printed product or an exclusive offer, discount or freebie.

The power of a calendar

What makes Christmas calendar printing so powerful? You’re giving your customer a useful item they will use all year round. Whether it’s a printed wall planner for the whole office or a desk calendar for an individual, a calendar can act a reminder of your business all year round.

Tip: Why not add reminders of your seasonal offers to your calendar or tips related to your services. For example if you are a accountants reminders about tax, VAT and NI deadlines.

You should also think about the impression you want to make: double page calendars are great for visual impact, recycled calendars make a statement about your environmental credentials and desk calendars are great for everyday brand awareness.

Join forces with another small business

When developing your Christmas marketing ideas, see how you can maximise value to your customers by partnering with a complementary business. Offer joint packages, discounts for existing customers on each other’s products and services and share the cost of your printed Christmas products.

You can also join Small Business Saturday – an initiative encouraging customers to support small businesses in their communities. 2 December 2017 is the main campaign day: a chance for all small businesses to make a big noise about the value they bring. But get involved beforehand to network with other businesses and share ideas.

We hope that’s got the ideas flowing – let us know if you need any help!

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