Why you need branded Christmas cards

Christmas is all about the spirit of goodwill and connection, is it not? So don’t miss the opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your clients, customers, suppliers and collaborators.

Sending branded Christmas cards, whether in business or in your personal life, is a universal way to show people you’re thinking of them. It makes people feel good, which makes them feel good about you, which makes it a no-brainer.

However if you send a generic card, you’re missing out on a valuable opportunity at to build a deeper connection with your audience. Find out how to make the most of Christmas and grow your business with branded Christmas cards.


Stand out

Let your brand shine with a bespoke printed card. Your design can include your brand colours and logo, of course, but why not go one step further. The message and images you choose are an opportunity to reinforce your brand values: do you want to be seen as fun, light-hearted, caring, creative, successful? Your card can do all of these things for your brand.

Be personal

Personalise your branded christmas cards as much as you like, addressing your card to the recipient by name is a must, but if you can get a personal message in there too, all the better.

Get creative

Branded Christmas cards give you the chance to disrupt expectations and do things your way. Engaging the services of a specialist Christmas design and print company means you’ll have access to every unusual and luxury print technique going. A self-assembly pop-up card? No problem, and just the way to grab attention and stand out from the rest of the 2D stack. Spot UV details to add shimmer and shine? Just the way to ensure your card oozes decadence and quality. If you’re feeling stuck for ideas, we’ll help with the design too.

Build your relationship

Branded Christmas cards aren’t the place for hard selling, but they will help nurture your leads. Simply getting in touch will bring you to the front of your customers’ minds. And you can do more than that. Customising your branded Christmas cards means you get to choose what’s printed inside too.

Thank them for their custom or collaboration this year, and say how much you’re looking forward to helping them in the new year. Offer loyal customers a gift to say thank you as part of your card, or incentivise lapsed customers with a discount or offer for the new year. Including a scratch card will bring a playful tone to the message, while showing off your professionalism and adding that personal touch.

Don’t forget these two things…

Now you’ve got some ideas for making the most of your branded Christmas cards, make sure the practicalities don’t let you down and weaken your campaign!

Firstly, clean your data. You will waste money sending cards to old addresses, and sending anything to unsubscribers could damage your brand.

Secondly, get your cards sent early. Avoid the rush, and make sure your branded Christmas cards arrive at the start of the season. That way you’ll increase the likelihood of your card being noticed and you get maximum exposure as it’s displayed throughout the Christmas season.

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